Dedicated IP Address server

This is linux virtual server with dedicated IP address, you can use it to change your static IP and browse the web safely, protected by our server. We are hosting this service within the United Kingdom. Just like our other server : Virtual IP. Our friends there provide us with stable and secure internet connection, so you will always be able to access this server and use our dedicated IP for your needs.
The dedicated server provided by our hosting company is secured with custom software and hardware firewall, protecting you from possible browse-by viruses, which are not detected by all anti-virus programs.
See how it works below:

dedicated ip
1. You
- Your computer connects to our server, through web simulation of VPN.
2. Dedicated IP ( our server )
- The server receives your request and starts to process it.
3. Internet
- You will receive the result encapsulated and secured by our server.

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